Episode #40 - Narrativity

January 12, 2017

Mark and Andrew reunite in Colorado after months of separation and launch into a deep discussion of the stories we tell that make up our lives. In a nod back to Episode #2, they explore the narrativity of experience, the loss of story that can become a loss of identity, the problems with mobility and the lack of solid storytelling in contemporary family life. They talk about the value of journaling, letter-writing and keeping up on local news as well as the cultural import of local song-writing and story-making. Bedouins, autobiography and long-term frienships also make an appearance.


Episode #39 - Billy Kangas

October 28, 2016
After a long hiatus, Mark and Andrew sit down to interview Billy Kangas, entrepreneur, master barista, liturgist and so much more. This episode was originally recorded as an "Over the Counter" takeover of Andrew's daily Counterposition show. The discussion covers Billy's community-based coffeehouse project called Cultivate, Billy's biography, his vision for re-engineering business for the sake of others, the cappucino as reflective of the Trinity, beer and Fr. Avery Dulles, emulsion, foam, and ancient Christian funerary practices.

Billy's links:

Music credit: Josh Woodward, "Go" from The Simple Life, Creative Commons License http://freemusicarchive.org/music/josh_woodward/

Episode #38 - Flying Blind

February 29, 2016

Mark and Andrew fly blind, taking an astounding series of spontaneous turns through digital community, analog Lent, Peyton Manning, the mystique of Apple, the social engineering of big Internet companies, government spying on us, their first Internet experiences, a paper world, and the public square


Episode #37 - Watching Sports

November 3, 2015

Mark and Andrew talk over what role sports really play in the lives of spectators. Baseball, football, and other sports impact the lives of those who watch, not only those who play. Andrew tells about his encounter with sports greatness. Mark relates what it is like to attend a game at Michigan stadium. They get into the ceremony, pageantry, and dogma of sporting events.


Episode #36 - Counter Updates

September 8, 2015

Mark and Andrew look back on what has happened for the past few months. Thdy discuss Andrew's new daily show, the Counter Position, his apostolate, Calix,  Andrew's famous customers, Mark's new YouTube channel - "Bible Broccoli,"  local culture vs. mass culture,  newspapers, how Google affects elections, Facebook's trending topics, Internet advertising, attention span, Steve Jobs, aliens, clickbait, Andrew's coffee shop consulting projects, movie night, Mark's new book, and wine shopping.


Episode #35 - What is Nature?

June 19, 2015
Mark and Andrew dialogue about the nature of nature. What is nature? How do we relate to it? How has our relationship to nature changed since the dawn of the Industrial Age? What are the moral implications of modifying nature through technology? What does mastery over self and mastery over nature really mean?

photo credit: pen waggener


Episode #34 - Jeff Cavins

April 27, 2015
"If I was strapped to a bull, I'd be a Christian too." -Jeff Cavins

Mark and Andrew interview Jeff Cavins, who is well-known in the Catholic world for his Great Adventure Bible Timeline, his books, his pilgrimages and his work in  Catholic media. But, of course, in classic Over the Counter style, the interview focuses on Jeff's other interests: tea, bull-riding, Harley Davidsons, Macintosh geekdom, Jeff's early participation in the Internet, HyperCard, UFC, and the perfect cup of coffee. 

You can find Jeff's stuff at jeffcavins.com

Episode #33 - The Ritualization of Violence

April 17, 2015

Mark and Andrew talk about how violence has been ritualized by various cultures in many forms. They cover execution, human sacrifice, ISIS, bar fights, boxing, sacrifice, fight or flight response, Andrew's roasted Brussels sprouts with bourbon maple Sriracha sauce, samurai, seppuku, personal appearance, football, military uniforms, Mel Gibson, survival, robot armies, jetpacks, nuclear war, sports, CrossFit, hunting, and duelling.


Episode #32 - Visualization

March 9, 2015

Mark and Andrew talk about visualization, Andrew's narcissism, athletic visualization exercises, momentary vs. on-going performance, weight loss, process vs. outcome, muscle growth, rehabilitation, the Odd Couple, ADD, coaching, affirmation, negative and positive reinforcement, the reptilian brain, Rick Hanson's "Hardwiring Happiness",  light bulbs, sugar, and electromagnetic waves.


Episode #31 - Thinking Big

February 16, 2015
Mark and Andrew talk about MMJ, prescription meds, Andrew's health history, humanity's future needs, nuclear weapons, atomic stalemate, robot armies, George Gilder, the pony express, email, long distance calling, the Internet's destabilizing force, the NSA, archiving information for the future, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Russia's DNA archive, the commodification of computers, leap-frogging old tech, Third World Internet use, the Taj Hotel terrorist attack in Mumbai, Google Earth, sugar, circadian rhythms, artificial adaptations to an artificial world, new forms of social engagement, Facebook, personal brand, Marshall McLuhan, being famous, new modes of governance, color-changing light, and earthing.