Episode #20 - Fun Playgrounds vs Fat Kids

July 21, 2014
Mark and Andrew bemoan the loss of actually fun seesaws, merry-go-rounds and slides, which have been replaced by overly safe plastic monstrosities brought on by our litigious culture. They examine some sociological consequences like the plague of childhood obesity and explore solutions to bring back free-range kids.

Photo Credit: Chelsea Maddox


Episode #19 - Rabbit Starvation and Global Food Supply

July 14, 2014

Mark and Andrew explore the ethical problems of growing food ergonomic to our metabolic heritage. They dig into Weston Price, GMO's, ancient grains, and civilization


Episode #18 - Virtual Unreality

July 8, 2014

Mark and Andrew talk about virtual reality, addiction to entertainment, Facebook's purchase of Oculus Rift, the ethics of virtual imprisonment, and the pros and cons of the coming virtual reality worlds we will inhabit.


Episode #17 - Hammocks and the Fetishization of Possibility

July 1, 2014

Mark and Andrew talk about hammocks, all the unused exercise equipment in your basement, the ice cream makers and bread machines at the thrift store. Somehow we like to pay for possibility because we fear the commitment involved in actually changing ourselves.


Episode #16 - Pets vs Children

June 23, 2014

Mark and Andrew talk over Pope Francis' comments about married couples replacing children with cats and dogs. Of course, tea, bikes, and Andrew's commitment issues enter into the conversation.


Episode #15 - Kenn Cramer

June 16, 2014

Mark and Andrew sit down with licensed counselor, Kenn Cramer, to talk about his ideas on masculinity, femininity, and same sex attraction. Specifically, they refer to Kenn's column on "The Unconscious Cultivation of Homosexuality by Catholics" at his website, the Patchwork Papist.


Episode #14 - Europe

June 9, 2014

Mark and Andrew swap stories about their trips to Europe, explore the differences between the pace of life in Europe and the US, Christian art, and of course, talk about the food you can find in Italy and Austria.


Episode #13 - The Militarization of the Police

May 12, 2014

Mark and Andrew argue over whether America's police force has become too militarized. Using the research of Radley Balko, they look at the use of military equipment by police, the increase in SWAT team deployments and a few cases of aggressive tactics being employed by police. 


Episode #12 - Make Your Own Fun

May 5, 2014

Mark and Andrew talk about board games, conversation, how screens have come to dominate our entertainment, the absence and presence of pianos, communal singing and a host of ways to make your own fun.


Episode #11: Associations and Digital Community

April 28, 2014

Mark and Andrew talk over the cultural impact of young people not joining the membership rolls of clubs, civic associations, professional associations, and even churches. Can digital community really replace face-to-face interaction? Is our culture splitting into "tribes" irretrievably?